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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome to Dolls Like Us.
This is dedicated to those that love the unusual and one of a kind dolls...like us.
Aren't we all unique and special? I know I am!
So, here is a new approach to sharing my dolls and ask that you help me by letting me know what you would like to see. Please, let's try to keep this simple and fun and you know, PG.
My first doll is my favorite I call Skull Chick. She is basically a one of a kind doll and she can be made very simply by my pattern. What makes her stand out is the the way you can add embellishments and  go crazy in how you want her to look.
Guitar Skull Chick
Now, be patient because the pattern is in my head but I made so many and they are very popular.
Check out my other blog at http://pjcraftsinaustin.blogspot.com for my other original designs.
Let's get some feedback and see if this is a cool relationship.
Til next time. PJ

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