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Friday, August 31, 2012

Simple Store Added to bottom of post

New Simple Store added to the bottom of this post to make it more convenient to order and see
what is new to my shop. You may also see my work at my website PJ Crafts in Austin.

New Photos

Skull Chicks made so far:
My original Skull Chick
Trying out different yarns for hair

Learning as I go along in creating

Trying out new fabric
Work in progress

Trying out curly hair
Adding embellishment 

Adding a theme

I tried different yarns for my Sweetie Dolls and used a skull theme, too. She had a little personality.

I have two favorite dolls from scratch. One was a unique request for Madeye Moody.
Madeye Moody
My other was making my own Medusa. She was a blast to make.
Medusa, all hair-styled up!
But I do love my Skull Chicks. I can do so many creative things and so far, I love the results.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome to Dolls Like Us.
This is dedicated to those that love the unusual and one of a kind dolls...like us.
Aren't we all unique and special? I know I am!
So, here is a new approach to sharing my dolls and ask that you help me by letting me know what you would like to see. Please, let's try to keep this simple and fun and you know, PG.
My first doll is my favorite I call Skull Chick. She is basically a one of a kind doll and she can be made very simply by my pattern. What makes her stand out is the the way you can add embellishments and  go crazy in how you want her to look.
Guitar Skull Chick
Now, be patient because the pattern is in my head but I made so many and they are very popular.
Check out my other blog at http://pjcraftsinaustin.blogspot.com for my other original designs.
Let's get some feedback and see if this is a cool relationship.
Til next time. PJ